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Snapchat: What makes it impressive, Few safety tips, and more

Snapchat, most probably the best social media app for high-end privacy during chats and conversation, is leading the leading smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. This free to use app comes with an advanced number of features that can make you love the interface, usability, and several other aspects of it. If you are wondering why such a high number of people use Snapchat on a daily basis, then let’s have a look at some specialties:

1. Posting Stories

Unlike any other social media app, Snapchat is different, and it was the first one where you can upload stories. You can post anything, and it will be available for the next 24 hours, and it will disappear after that. You can check who has seen your stories in these hours. 

Even, you get the privacy features where you can decide who can check your stories and who can’t. You can exclusively add stories to the group. Where only a couple of people will be able to see it. Those who love to manage their friend group can focus on the same.

2. Streaks and Snap-score

Something which made everyone the fan of this social media app is Steaks. When you click a picture from the Snapchat app and send it to your friends directly, and they do the same, then you create a streak after three days. You will find a number appear next to a fire icon. It shows from how many days you are maintaining the streak.

Snap score is totally is a related term to streak because it is something you earn for streaks. When you add someone on snapchat, you get a few points. When you send streak to people, then the same number of points gets added. If you upload a story, then the number of views in the next 24 hours will add up to the score. So, there are many ways to increase it easily.

3. Secret Chat

Chatting is the key feature of this app. People love to stay a bit private here because when you send a chat to someone, and he/she sees the message, then this message will disappear when you get out of the chat and come back again. It is simple, and if you don’t like it, then you can increase the disappear time.

In the same chat, you can tap on Bit-emoji of that person and third horizontal dots in the upper right corner, then chat. Here, you need to choose to disappear after 24 hours of viewing a message. Now, the message will last for 24 hours until the other person sees it. The other option to save a chat message is, just tap on the same, and you are good to go. 


Thus, Snapchat is one of the advanced social media apps, which is highly reliable, a bit complicated to use in the beginning, but along with some safety features. You can begin using it by creating an account today and adding friends from the suggestions. Synchronizing contacts will help you find relevant suggestions to add online.